Happiness Hangouts

Our Happiness Hangouts provide a regular opportunity for you to escape the outside world with all its perceived problems and stresses and take some time out for you. Our events are designed to enable people to come together, de-stress, have fun, make new friends and learn more about this thing that we’re all after - happiness.

Using evidence and practices from such areas as Positive Psychology, The Three Principles, Neuroscience, NLP, Laughter Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness, Music, Movement and many more, our activities and teachings are scientifically proven to help you cultivate a range of positive emotions which help you feel uplifted and back in touch with your authentic self.

The most important element in these hangouts however is your connexion with others…others who want more out of this wonderful, miraculous life…not more money or possessions, but more enjoyment, aliveness, connexion and love.

So come along and immerse yourself in happiness. Relax and re-energise, raise your spirits and get back into your happiness groove.

Contact us now on 07930 282802 to find out your nearest venue.

Why not train to become a Happiness Hangout Host and run your own weekly meetings in your local area? Contact us for more details.


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