Corporate Happiness Workshops

We are living in an age when organisations are required to do more and more with less and less. It is therefore more important than ever that organisations know how to value, nurture and develop their most valuable asset in a way that maximises their capabilities.

It is now well recognised that a lot of workplace stress, which is a major cause of unhappiness and ill health, is caused through uncertainty, dysfunctional relationships, ineffective management and a general feeling of not being valued.

Many managers and leaders have not been trained in what we call ‘psychologically intelligent leadership’ – the human approach to leadership which makes best use of the talents and capacity of everyone within an organisation, including themselves.

Our workshops incorporate the latest scientific thinking about how to bring out the absolute best in people. So whether we are developing leaders to enable them to positively influence those around them, or for workers themselves as part of their own personal development, our workshops make a real difference to the effectiveness and happiness of participants and those with whom they work.

Using brain friendly methodology and content, our approach is designed to make organisations more effective through re-humanising interactions from the inside out. By generating a better understanding of how people create their own experiences and getting under the surface of what drives people to behave the way they do, we can help to eliminate the interference that is preventing people tapping into their innate strengths and being all that they can be.

We offer a range of workshops to suit the specific needs and outcomes for individual organisations both in the public and private sector. Contact us now for more details on our core workshops or about developing a bespoke solution to meet your specific requirements.

Core Workshops

Leading with Heart (The Human Approach to Leadership)

Converse to Connect (The Power of Conversation and Connexion)

Developing Resilience (You’re Stronger Than You Think You Are)


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