Consultancy Services

It is now well established that happiness and wellbeing in the workplace directly affects the bottom line by creating a more focused and committed workforce. When time and energy is not wasted with the emotional and behavioural effects of unhappiness, people are more able to give of their best.

With years of experience in Organisational Development and Personal Effectiveness our consultants aim to improve overall performance, by identifying and addressing the organisational and human factors which may prevent people working to their full potential.

Corporate Coaching Services

Workplace coaching from The Happiness Academy can make a real difference to the engagement and performance of staff and managers alike. Using an appropriate blend of coaching and psychological tools, our interventions seek to optimise peoples’ talents and strengths whilst helping to recognise and change unhelpful mindsets. The ultimate aim of these sessions is to naturally generate more positive, empowering thinking patterns and behavioural strategies which make people happier at work and subsequently enable them to give of their absolute best.


There is so much that can be done by leaders and managers to create a climate in which each person feels valued and important, their strengths are maximised and where each staff member is able to give of their absolute best.

This, together with a strengthening of an individual's self esteem and emotional resilience can have a massive impact on the happiness of people at work and subsequently their engagement and productivity.

We run a range of open and in house workshops for staff, managers and leaders to help them to create happier workplaces in which people can really engage and thrive.


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